Pros and Cons of Glass Doors for Your Shower

Are you thinking about installing new glass doors for your shower on your next bathroom renovation? Well, you’re not the only one! There are thousands of homeowners who want to switch from using their shower curtains to installing glass doors.

Installing glass doors in your bathroom for your showers has its pros and cons. Learn all about them to find out if a glass door will be suitable for you and your bathroom:


Aesthetic appeal – Admit it, glass doors can give any bathroom a more modern, sleek, stylish look. Even when you keep everything else in your bathroom during renovation: the old sink, old shower, old toilet, old tiles – simply switching to glass doors for your shower can make a major difference.

Easy to clean and maintain – Glass doors are far easier to maintain than shower curtains. Shower curtains have the tendency to accumulate mold and when they do, you can’t really miss its dirty, musty smell. Glass doors are less prone to collecting these kinds of contaminants.

Safer, more eco-friendly choice – Shower curtains are commonly made from PVC or EVA materials. Most PVC materials contain harmful components that trigger some health issues with constant exposure. EVA materials are usually made from plastic and are not eco-friendly.


Lack of privacy – Glass doors don’t provide much privacy as shower curtains would. So if your shower area is a bit messy, you won’t have the chance to conceal it.

The higher cost of installation – Installing glass doors for your shower will always be a lot more expensive than installing a curtain rod for your shower curtains.

Difficult to personalize – There are a lot of people who love to customize or personalize every detail in their home to reflect their personality. While you can always do this with shower curtains, when you have glass doors, you’re pretty much stuck with the design you have chosen upon installation.

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